Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tragic and True

Babies suffocating in the crib because of the crib bumper. The story posted today in the Chicago Tribune is why we will not be using a crib bumper for our little one.

Even if the risk is small, it seems senseless for something that isn’t necessary – even if they are so darn cute!

There is more to a safe crib than not having a bumper, though. As promised, some more of my favorite eco-friendly (and very safe) cribs that weren’t included in yesterday’s post.

Oeuf – made in Europe from FSC certified wood – non-toxic, water-based finishes, and no-VOC finishes

Q Collection– made in the U.S. from sustainably sourced wood with non-toxic, water based finishes and zero or low-VOC finishes

Stokke - Manuctured in Slovenia from sustainable sources with non-toxic and low or no VOC finishes

Bloom – “all bloom products are independently tested and certified to be lead free, phthalate free, PVC free, heavy metal free, and AZO dye free - products are free of wood PCP and other toxic wood preservatives, fiberboard (MDF) free,use formaldehyde-free adhesive, low voc finishes and originate from certified sustainable beech and birch wood forests”

Spot on Square –“we use low VOC non-toxic paints and MDF made of 100% recycled/reclaimed content and formaldehyde-free glue. Additionally, we use FSC certified birch, Plyboo bamboo and locally sourced walnut”

Structured Green – I think the Oops crib is the best looking crib in the whole bunch! The crib is made from sustainable or reclaimed sources in the U.S. with non-toxic finishes

A Natural Home- The Livvy crib is unique! Made in the U.S. from sustainable with non-toxic finishes

In closing, when thinking about your baby's crib - where they are going to spend sooo much time - think about all the different features of the crib, and just leave that cute bumper at the store!