Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Easy DIY Organic Curtains

I can't sew very well. Seriously. So, if I can make these, you can too. First you need to gather your materials. I ordered my organic fabric online, because I have yet to find a brick and mortar store that sells it. I made four window panels, and assumed the standard 84" length. Therefore, I ordered enough to have 90" for each panel which would allow plenty of room for hems. Fabric that is 54" wide would be ideal, but 44" wide will work. My retailer shorted me about 6", sent me a new piece of fabric, and shorted me 6" again, so I just said whatever, and made one panel shorter than the rest. For four panels, you will need 10 yards of fabric. This leaves 2.5 yards (or 90") for each panel. I lined my curtains, because I wanted to help block the light so my munchkin could sleep better. Therefore, I ordered 20 yards total.I think one fabric was $7.98 a yard, and the other was on sale for $5.98 a yard, so $140 total. It might seem like a lot, but my other option was silk panels, and they were about $80 a panel.

You should probably wash your fabric first to prevent shrinkage when you need to wash your curtains later. After washing, and drying, promptly remove your fabric from the dryer to reduce the likelihood of wrinkles. I went ahead and ironed all of panels, as well. Now you want to lay the fabrics face to face like the picture above (with my white fabric, it didn't matter). Please note, that both of these panels were advertised to be 44" wide, but you can see the white panel is a bit wider.  With the panels right side together, you can sewone short side and one long side.

This part is important. Lay your pieces out on the floor and smooth out any wrinkles. Pin the other long side together with plenty of pins. Now sew this side as well. You should have three sides sewn together now.

Hang your curtain, and measure where to put your hem. Take your panel back to the ironing board, and iron up the two pieces of fabric as shown above. Turn your panel right side out, and pin your hem as shown below. 
 Your bottom hem should look like the picture below.

I also made a topstitch on the top of my curtain so that my clips would look better. My mom would tell me to press out all my seams at this point, but they don't bother me un-pressed.

I bought these curtain rings with clips at Ikea for $4 or something. They were ridiculously cheap. I just pinched the fabric together slightly, and clipped!
 The finished product! Now I have one less source of VOCs to worry about :)

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